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The Orange Story at UIC

There will be screenings and discussions of The Orange Story in several Global Asian Studies classes this semester, beginning with GLAS 120: Intro to Asian American Studies Course, GLAS 100 (Intro to Global Asian Studies), GLAS 105 (Asian American Identities, Cultures and Communities), and GLAS 230 (Cultural Politics of Asian American Food).

Yesterday, Erika, Jason Matsumoto (the film's producer) and Dr. Joe Takehara (who plays Koji in the film) visited Dr. Kodama's 120 course. It was so touching to have Dr. Takehara there to share stories about his experiences as one of the individuals incarcerated following the Executive Order 9066.

Thank you to Dr. Takehara, and the students and instructors at UIC. It's so exciting to see this film in the classroom.

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