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The Orange Story at the 2018 AAAS Conference

Last week, Erika joined Jason Matsumoto, one of the producers of The Orange Story, and Karen Su of the University of Illinois Chicago to present at the 2018 Association for Asian American Studies conference in San Francisco.

Karen is writing an illustrated children’s book called Yuki Speaks Out about Yuki Llewellyn. Yuki was incarcerated at Manzanar as a young child, and WRA photographer Clem Albers took what is now a famous photograph of Yuki on the day she and her mother left for the camp.

The joint presentation focused on storytelling as an empathetic entry point into learning about about the history of Japanese American incarceration. Both The Orange Story and Yuki Speaks Out align to a rapidly growing concept in education that shifts educator focus toward Social-Emotional competency as a necessary learning tool for students.

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